Improving the Unilodge App- UX case study

1. Understanding The Problem

This is the appearance of the UniLodge app.
  • Reduce conflicts within roommates
  • Great housing experience complimenting study performance
  • Maintain current users and expand the number of users
Assumptions and questions help designers to learn more about the user
user map
  • This is a design sprint activity that requires the designer to come up with a solution within a short time frame.
  • To design a solution that has the same design language (Logo, font, colour palette, and other UI elements).
  • Target users usually restricted in time, therefore the app needs to have a clear interface and simplified steps. Also, this group would prefer to see less text as possible.

2. Design Process

  • Unilodge logo
  • the red, black, and white colour palette
  • bottom tab
  • lined icons
  • round edges
  • reconsider the right sizing of the text
  • there are some missing elements (ie. the “send request” button)
  • include ‘interest’ in the personality section

3. Conclusion




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Nadifa Nur Aziza

Nadifa Nur Aziza

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